Building a DAX Cobra kit car?

If you are planning on building a DAX Cobra kit car from DAX CARS (DJ Sportscars) this is a MUST READ.
Just take the next few minutes to read my story below which could save you a lot of money.

Since writing this Simon Johns and Andrew Evans are no longer in business once again, surprise surprise!, which is good news for all.

The jigs and moulds needed to produce the Dax Cobra have been bought by John Kox of who has been in the business for over 20 years supplying and building Dax Cobra replicas. John has now started a new company JK Sports Cars LTD which now can supply all parts necessary to build your own Dax Replica. I myself have dealt with him in the past to finish my own car. This new company has no connection with the previous companies ran by Simon Johns and Andrew leslie Parrish Evans that have all gone bust and which include DJ Sports Cars, Dax Sportscars, Daxcars and 427 Motor Company. If like myself you love the shape of the Dax Cobra and want to build one yourself I would not hesitate to get in touch with John at JK Sports Cars LTD.

If like myself you have decided to build a DAX Cobra kit car and have done research you will know that there are only a few kit car manufacturers that deal with the Cobra to choose from, DAX being one of them.

The reputation of the DAX Cobra is excellent so after a visit, a test drive and the owner/director Simon Johns guaranteeing that he could supply the parts for the whole build I decided to go with DAX CARS, previously operating as DJ Sportscars as I lived abroad and wanted to complete the kit car in one summer. I paid in full, a sum of £25,500 which covered all the parts necessary to complete the build from start to finish.

So, six months later, nothing, I was still waiting for the car to arrive. After many many fruitless phone calls trying to get some answers the chassis turned up albeit 6 months later than scheduled. BUT Instead of everything being sent, only 50% of the order arrived.

Alarm bells started ringing, I was constantly on the phone to DAX CARS and kept being told someone would call back, of course no one ever did. Over 47 phone calls later a few more parts turned up always later than promised and then nothing again. It has now been over 18 months since I paid DJ Sportscars the £25,500 and I have been left with an unfinished DAX Cobra Kit car which is worthless to me or anybody else.

To date, I am missing a complete Interior for the Cobra, a set of 18” CHB & tyres and the exhaust, as well as a few smaller parts, totalling £9300. I have already been successful in getting a CRJ against DJ Sportscars but still no sign of my parts or a refund. DJ Sportscars Limited went into liquidation in March 2014, shortly afterwards the same two directors Andrew and Simon set up a new company called DAX Cars.

After speaking to a number of their suppliers, I now know that I am one of many that have been let down. The whole experience has been a complete nightmare from start to finish, so a message to you all wanna be Cobra builders, if you choose DAX Cars you may get a lot less than you paid for.

If like myself you have been left in the lurch by DJ Sportscars limited you can contact me and I will put your name on the list. I hope when you read of my experience with DAX Cars you too might think twice before handing money over.

I would recommend the following companies to get your parts from instead of using Dax Cars;

JK Sportscars Ltd (John Kox)
AK Sportscars

Hawk Cars Ltd

Gardner Douglas Sports Cars

Crendon Replicas,

Cobretti Viper

Metaline Ltd

Magnum Engineering

For engine or Gearbox go to Road Craft

For missing parts go to DB Replica's (Dave is very helpful, can supply and also build you a complete car).